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Career & Technical Education - CTE

What is CTE?

Career Technical Education (CTE) is an education pathway that provides students with the academic, technical, and real world knowledge, skills and experience they need to be prepared for a variety of career options. CTE gives students training and skills in many different types of careers in high growth industries such as science and technology, healthcare, and business management. CTE programs are personalized, hands-on, and let students explore different career fields. CTE is part of the high school experience, and prepares students for the full range of post-secondary opportunities, including college and careers.

What is the scope and sequence of a Pathway?
Pathways consist of a minimum of two sequenced classes within a particular field.

What are the proven outcomes for Pathway completers?

  • Strong core of academics from which to move into a variety of career areas
  • Greater school connectedness
  • Industry expertise
  • Visits to worksites and internships
  • Easier transitions from high school to college

Pathways at Moorpark High School


The Hospitality Pathway prepares students for careers in the food service and hospitality industry. Students will learn core skills like meal planning, preparation, execution. From planning to cooking, students will work with their instructor to manage their classroom restaurant. 

Some of the CTE Standards met in these classes are:

B1.4 - Research the advantages and disadvantages of the working conditions of various careers in the food service and hospitality industry

B2.1 - Identify the causes, prevention, and treatment of common accidents and the reporting procedures involved.

B2.2 - Practice the basic procedures for the safety of employees and guests, including the procedures for emergency situations.

Course Sequence

Concentrator Course - ROP A351 - Hospitality and Tourism Management

Capstone Course - ROP A330 - Food Service and Hospitality


The Manufacturing pathway teaches students hands-on skills to operate various types of heavy machinery. From wood saws, to 3D printers, to CNC Machines, students will learn programming, measurement, and planning for projects. Students will also prepare to receive NIMS Certifications, a safety certification that is applicable and relevant to the field. 

Some of the CTE Standards met in these classes are:

D1.2 - Apply and identify the various phases of the product design development process to an existing product, product line, system design, or service.

D4.1 - Create a preliminary design of a product concept utilizing drawing, computer software (graphic or CAD) and/or conceptual model fabrication techniques.

D4.2 - Identify materials, mechanisms, technologies, and other requirements (e.g. safety, manufacturing, sustainability) the concept may require.

Course Sequence

Concentrator Course - ROP A378 - Technology and Engineering

Capstone Course - ROP A395 - Applied Manufacturing

*Due to classroom renovation, the Manufacturing CTE is on hold for the 2023-24 school year. 

Performing Arts

Performing Arts is split into two different pathways, Vocal and Theater. Los Angeles and Hollywood is the entertainment capital of the world and these pathways can prepare students to learn skills to work in the field of entertainment and performing arts. Click here to learn more about our Performing Arts program. 

Some of the CTE Standards met in these classes are:

B2.4 - Sight-read music accurately and expressively

B3.2 - Research, analyze, and plan a theatrical performance (live or recorded) with the director, designer, or playwright.

B6.1 - Demonstrate media appropriate acting choices using script analysis, character research, reflection, and revision in live and recorded performance applications

Course Sequence

Vocal Arts

Concentrator Course - MUS A300 - Chorus

Capstone Course - MUS A301 - Advanced Chorus

Theater Arts

Concentrator Course - MUS A251 - Musical Show Production

Capstone Course - MUS A253 - Advanced Musical Theatre


Media Production

The Media Production Pathway teaches students skills in multimedia production which includes filming and editing. Students will utilize video cameras and learn some valuable skills (B Roll, Interviewing). Click here to view our website!

Some of the CTE Standards met in these classes are:

C2.1 - Analyze the production sequence involved in creating a media based or live performance production

C4.4 - Demonstrate understanding of the appropriate use of technology in each phase of the production planning

C6.4 - Create a promotional example using electronic media

Course Sequence

Concentrator Course - ART A151 - Media Productions

Health Science Academy (HSA) - Patient Care

The Health Science Academy gives students a hand on experience in patient care as well as experience in health science careers. Students participate in mentorships and internships their junior and senior years to gain experience and solidify their passions in the health sciences. Students will also obtain a CPR/First Aid certification through the program. Students will also have access to the Anatomage table which allows them to study a virtual cadaver and see diagnostic tests and case studies on the individuals. The academy gives students an all encompassing experience of careers in the health sciences and human services. 

Some of the CTE Standards met in these classes are:

B2.1 - Know basic human body structure and function in relationship to specific care between prevention, diagnosis, pathology, and treatment.

B5.2 - Accurately spell and define occupationally specific terms related to health care

B2.2 - Practice the basic procedures for the safety of employees and guests, including the procedures for emergency situations.

Course Sequence

Concentrator Course - HTH A102 H - Sports Medicine and Health Management

Capstone Course - CAR A100 H - Health Issues: Senior Project


The Engineering Pathway prepares students for careers in the engineering field.

Some of the CTE Standards met in these classes are:

B10.1 Use methods and techniques for employing all engineering technology equipment appropriately.

B10.2 - Apply conventional engineering technology processes and procedures accurately, appropriately, and safely.

B10.3 - Apply the concepts of engineering technology to the tools, equipment, projects, and procedures of the Engineering Technology Pathway.

Course Sequence

Concentrator Course - HCI A255E - Chemistry CP with Engineering

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