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Work Permits

California State Labor Laws require work permits for all students  younger than 18 years of age

Permits must be renewed each semester. Permits are valid ONLY for the approved semester. Work permits can be revoked at any time.

Business/Parental Signatures & Social Security Number are REQUIRED.

Allow 1-2 business days for processing & administrative approvals.

A separate permit is required for each business employing the student (i.e., Student can have 2 separate jobs @2 different businesses.)

Note: The school requires all students to have a GPA of 2.0 or above in order to qualify for the work permit for the semester. If the GPA is below 2.0 students will receive a probationary work permit that expires within a month to allow the students' grades to go up at the level that is required

Work Permit


Labor Laws


Application for General Work Permit

Work Picture

Work Permit Procedure

1) Students must have a job before requesting the permit.

2) Download the blank work permit request above.

3) Email (scan) the completed form to

(Recommend using Adobe Scan app on Smartphones)

4) Work permits may be picked in the office within 1-2 business days. Students must be present to sign the permit & receive their copy.

Note: Make sure the application is complete with Business address/signature, parent home address/signature, Social Security Number, Workers Compensation, etc. We cannot accept incomplete work permit applications.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions found here